Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A word about Boutique Travel – Boutique Travel is a subsidiary of International Travel & Congresses... meant for the discerning traveller. If you do not want a classic hotel but are looking for something different, upscale, adventurous intimate, spa and so on .. then we know where to find it. If you really want personal attention and many alternative options to the regular classic tours - then we'll create it for you. Wonderful itineraries and great new sites - really something for the "second-time-arounder".. be in touch with us and you'll understand why so many people are turning to

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  1. Dear Blogger,
    I am pleased to note this innovation at your website and am happy to learn more about boutique travel. More specifically, you describe a unique category "adventurous intimate". Is that a speciality of ITC or is there a missing comma?
    your fan from North America